BGL BNP Paribas supports arcus’ child reception centres and the Centre Formida

April 16, 2019

Presentation of two cheques for a total value of € 10,000

Two cheques were recently presented to the arcus’ child reception centres (Kannerhaiser) and the Centre Formida at the BGL BNP Paribas head office. In replacement for end-of-year gifts, the Corporate Banking and Asset & Liability Management (Treasury) departments decided to support arcus with a shared donation. In the presence of representatives from both departments, two cheques for a total value of €10,000 were presented to the heads of the organisation.

arcus’ “Kannerhaiser” look after and support children and young adults in difficult family circumstances, who are at risk and need to be separated from their parents temporarily. The children and young adults are welcomed in a safe, respectful environment. Socio-educational group work focuses on promoting health and schooling, establishing family and social ties, living independently, drawing up a structured daily schedule, and providing support after traumatic events.

In the “Centre Formida” – a place of discovery, learning and participation – children and young adults are introduced to the world of craft and creativity. They learn to work with various materials through art, aesthetics and experimentation within the context of a circular economy. Teenagers develop their own life plan, hone their social skills, and are directly involved in handling work at the centre. The Centre also welcomes young people with no direction in life, keeping them busy and motivating them to undertake creative projects together with younger children.

This initiative shows once again how BGL BNP Paribas is making good on its commitment to be a responsible bank and illustrates its active participation in social and civic life.

About arcus asbl

arcus is a non-profit organisation derived from Christian charities that for more than 60 years have had a shared goal of social, educational and therapeutic work with children, teenagers and families. The founding organisations’ values and traditions underlie the philosophy of taking action, and guide the design and development of activities and services. These founding organisations are “Aide Familiale”, “Clara Fey”, “Fir ons Kanner”, “Françoise Dufaing” and “KMA Victor Elz”. From the outset in 2008, support and protection have been central to all services, reflected in childcare facilities, mobile socio-educational family-help services, child placement services, foster homes for children and young people, and educational work with children’s homes and the Quai 57 service, which provides advice and assistance for drug addicts and their families. Improving the quality of their services, adapting to the needs and expectations of target groups, and innovating in socio-educational work form the daily tasks of individuals working for arcus. Its training and development centre encourage the professionalisation of services and support workers’ individual qualities and skills.