CSR Commitments

Towards a more sustainable economy

The Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015 by the UN aim to eradicate poverty by 2030 while protecting the planet. As a bank and a global business, BNP Paribas is an important player in this multilateral project. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach allows us to contribute towards the development of a sustainable future, while ensuring the performance and stability of the Group.

A committed, socially conscious bank

As an economic player in Luxembourg, BGL BNP Paribas has a responsibility to all stakeholders, including its clients, staff, economic partners and shareholders, as well as civil society.

The economic growth to which BGL BNP Paribas contributes must now go hand in hand with environmental, civil and social progress.

BGL BNP Paribas is committed to working towards a sustainable economic model and balanced growth.

Our commitments

Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is oriented towards building a sustainable future, while ensuring the performance and stability of our activities.

Four types of responsibility underpin our commitments:

Economic responsibility

Ethical financing of the economy

As a bank that operates both locally and internationally, BGL BNP Paribas in Luxembourg plays an important role in supporting the real economy in a responsible manner.

Our aim is to boost the momentum of economic and social change in Luxembourg. By offering our clients a range of sustainable investment and savings products and helping to finance sustainable development projects, we are confirming our role as a catalyst for the transition towards a new economic model.

Civic responsibility

Making a positive contribution to society

BNP Paribas has deep roots in Luxembourg and is committed to making a positive contribution to Luxembourg society. We support the development of socially engaged businesses and encourage players in the social entrepreneurship, microfinance and charity sectors.

Environmental responsibility

Combatting climate change

While our banking activities produce little or no pollution, we still bear environmental responsibility when we finance business sectors that have an impact on our environment.

Our environmental responsibility rests on three fundamental climate commitments:

  1. Supporting clients in the transition to a low-carbon economy;
  2. Reducing the ecological footprint linked to the company’s own operations;
  3. Fostering knowledge and sharing environmental best practices.

Social responsibility

Encouraging staff involvement

With over 3,800 staff members, BNP Paribas in Luxembourg is the banking sector’s largest employer. We have a social responsibility towards our staff that is built on three principles:

  • promoting diversityand inclusion
  • responsible managementof staff
  • developing a culture of learningby offering dynamic career management

Our aim is to nurture our employees’ engagement and development in an environment that values our colleagues’ work-life balance, differences and diversity, as well as their personal and professional fulfilment.