Life Insurance

Life insurance for Corporate and Institutional clients

Cardif Lux Vie already has more than 35 years of recognised experience in the group insurance segment in Luxembourg.

Its range of insurance products has been especially developed to meet all the requirements of its Corporate and Institutional clients and their staff, providing retirement savings as well as insurance protection during their working life.

High financial, actuarial, legal and fiscal expertise, quality administration dedicated to serving its clients, acknowledged skills in fund management, pooling capacity available to international groups and exceptional financial solidity that ensures compliance with commitments over the long term… these are just some of the reasons why today many businesses have placed their trust in Cardif Lux Vie.

Whether we are required to propose a complementary pension plan for employees of a company, encourage build their loyalty or simply protect them, Cardif Lux Vie is able to support each company during the planning stage with a view to offering solutions that are tailored to their needs and budget.

In Luxembourg, life insurance policies offered by Cardif Lux Vie are distributed by the network of BGL BNP Paribas branches.