BGL BNP Paribas renews its support for Luxembourg milk producers and their “D’fair Mëllech” initiative

January 29, 2020

On 24 January 2020 at the BGL BNP Paribas headquarters, the bank signed an official agreement renewing its partnership with Fairkoperativ. The cooperative was represented by its chairwoman Danielle Warmerdam-Frantz and vice-chairwoman Tessy Theissen-Bram, while the bank’s representatives were Thierry Schuman, member of the Executive Committee, and Romain Girst, Head of Retail Banking.

The partnership agreement, initially signed in 2011, was renewed for another two years, making BGL BNP Paribas the leading partner of the “D’fair Mëllech” initiative. The bank seeks to assist Fairkoperativ in its activities focusing on the production and promotion of Luxembourg fair-trade milk.

The “D’fair Mëllech” initiative, which brings together various players in the Luxembourg milk production and distribution sector, aims to ensure that milk prices are fair and provide proper compensation for the hard work of producers.

When signing the contract, Danielle Warmerdam-Frantz explained: “In launching the D’fair Mëllech initiative in 2011, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer milk to consumers at a price that covers the cost of production. From the outset, BGL BNP Paribas has been a trusted partner that has helped to bring this plan to fruition: the production of high-quality, fair-trade milk.”

Romain Girst added, “We were committed to renewing our partnership with Fairkoperativ in order to continue the work we have now been doing for nine years. Renewing this contract reflects the bank’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and more particularly, its support for Luxembourg farmers.”


About Fairkoperativ

Founded in 2011, FAIRKOPERATIV is a Luxembourg dairy cooperative with 51 members. It introduced its own brand of dairy products – “D’fair Mëllech” – on the Luxembourg market.

When it was first formed, the cooperative only sold one product, but it has now expanded its range to 13 different products.

“D’fair Mëllech” was honoured with the Grand Taste Award at Luxembourg’s first Food Summit in February 2017.