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  • BGL BNP Paribas named "Best Bank in Luxembourg 2016"

    Visuel bank award

    BGL BNP Paribas named Best Bank in Luxembourg by Euromoney magazine

  • Family Wealth Solutions

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    A team by your side to help you better manage your wealth.

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Wealth Management teams at BGL BNP Paribas offer customised wealth management and financial solutions that are put together based on a comprehensive, international approach to the wealth of their clients.

A relationship based on trust

BNP Paribas Wealth Management in Luxembourg aims to manage and grow its clients’ wealth by offering them customised investment solutions. To achieve this, each client enjoys an exclusive relationship with a private banker, which is based on trust and commitment over the long term.

A comprehensive approach

Wealth may consist of financial assets, property, works of art, etc. Only a comprehensive approach to wealth management can properly meet the needs of our clients in the area of management, valuation, protection and passing on of wealth.

In order to be closer to its clients, BGL BNP Paribas private bank has 6 Private Banking sites across Luxembourg under the BGL BNP Paribas Wealth Management brand name.

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