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Microfinance & social entrepreneurship

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Enabling as many people as possible to access banking products and services in Luxembourg and abroad.

Microfinance: a vehicle for financial inclusion


  • In LuxembourgIn March 2016, in partnership with ADA, ADIE and the European Investment Fund, BGL BNP Paribas created microlux, the leading microfinance institution in Luxembourg. Microlux seeks to finance and support the creation and development of the independent activities of individual clients and social enterprises that are unable to access the “traditional” banking system.
    Since 2013, BGL BNP Paribas has been supporting FUSE’s Coup de Pouce programme, which grants unsecured loans of up to EUR 5,000 to entrepreneurs 
  • AbroadBGL BNP Paribas has invested in LMDF since it was launched in 2010. LMDF is a social purpose investment fund, which supports emerging microfinance organisations that have a strong social mission in developing countries

Social entrepreneurship: a forward-looking sector for a sustainable economy


  • Existence of a specific loan policy in order to better meet the particular risk profile of social enterprises
  • Events that enable social entrepreneurs to reach out to other sector stakeholders
  • Financing solutions for charities and NGOs