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May 17, 2010 - ,

EcoTV May 2010 – Global recovery at stake, the Russian economic rebound and lesons we can learn from the Japanese crisis… All in video

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The webTV for BNP Paribas economists, is presented by the journalist Gaëlle Copienne. On the agenda every month is Philippe d’Arvisenet, Director of Economic Research; as well as two interviews regarding the top headlines in the international economic world.

This month, the three subjects are:

Don’t forget the recovery…
Philippe d’Arvisenet, Director of Economic Research

“ […] You have two things. On the one hand, the depreciation of the euro is probably good news for the coming quarters when it comes to exports. Second, the recovery in the US, in Asia, etc, has the same kind of positive effect. […] ”

Russian economy: ups and downs
Anna Dorbec, OECD Economist

“ […] By the difference from other BRICs: Russian rebound is driven mainly by external demand. In Russian case, this is the global demand for commodities, representing more than 80% of the country’s exports. […] ”

What can we learn from Japan’s lost decade in the current crisis?
Raymond Van Der Putten , OECD Economist

“ […] There are two main lessons to learn from this experience. The first is that we should make sure that financial markets are working properly again, and deal quickly with non performing loans and toxic assets. The second is that authorities should not withdraw their very accommodating policies too quickly. […] ”

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